Antelope Valley Stockdog Club


A small group of herding enthusiasts began meeting for practice and training sessions a few years ago in the Antelope Valley for camaraderie and mutual assistance. The Antelope Valley Stockdog Club is the outgrowth of those informal practice, training and "sheep talk" sessions, allowing this group of enthusiasts to expand and share their love of herding and herding dogs with a wider group.

This originally informal group of herding enthusiasts, now known as the Antelope Valley Stockdog Club, is officially recognized by the AKC. The purpose of the club is to promote herding and herding activities in all herding breeds. In order to meet that purpose the club sponsors herding competitions sanctioned by both the AKC and AHBA. Competitions are open to all recognized herding breeds, whether club member or not. Membership is open to all breeds.

In addition the club sponsors regular practice sessions and an occasional clinic. The original group which would gather informally for practice still has frequent informal sessions and on any given weekend there is likely to be a group gathered at TASK Farms, training and talking sheepdogs.

The club is fortunate to enjoy the hospitality of Terry Kenney & Colleen Smead at its home facility - Top C/TASK Farms, California