Antelope Valley Stockdog Club

June 17, 2017

Hello Antelope Valley Stockdog Club members and friends.

Our AHBA and AKC herding trials are in the book. The Friday AHBA triaI was not well attended but those there had a great time. We had good entries on Saturday and lower numbers on Sunday. Thanks to our Judges Rachel Vest and Terry Kenney. We tried a morning and a pm trial on Saturday that seemed to work well. We used both Terry and Peggy's sheep. The wind was not our friend and I am still trying to get all the dust out of my sister's car. Thanks to Jan McAninch for her work as Trial Secretary. A great big thank you to Kyle and Mike and their dogs for handling all the stock. Terry learned a little about geese handling and I think the geese won. Kathy was our chef on both Saturday and Sunday. The food was delicious as always with Chinese Chicken Salad on Saturday and Pulled Pork Sandwiches on Sunday. Mindi picked up Mexican food for Friday Lunch. Lynn was the scribe at both AHBA and AKC trials. She also picked up all the scratchers used as prizes. If anyone won big they haven't stepped forward. It was great to see Joe working Tulla at the trial. He put in time on the geese courses with set up and take down. We had a nice judge's dinner at Jack's Place on Saturday - great food - great company.

A meeting was held on Saturday chaired by Terry. A slate of officers was proposed and was approved unanimously. President Kyle Hensley, Past President Terry Kenney, Vice President Eddy Aldridge, Secretary JoAnne Rowles, Treasurer Lynn Howe and Member at Large Peggy Richter. Kathy Roberts has agreed to stay on as AVSC Chef. The board will meet the end of July or the beginning of August. They will be discussing suggestions that have the potential to revitalize AVSC. Some of those include having two day AHBA trials (Saturday & Sunday) instead of Fridays; having mixed flock trials; continue the am/pm trials; update the website; fun days and a geese clinic (Peggy has volunteered to provide the geese at no charge).

It was decided to do away with the AVSC discount for members on entries at our trials. Seems our entries are lower than other clubs - so in effect we are already getting a discount. And.......we need to make sure our financial ship stays afloat.

The AVSC member of the year was awarded to Sally Douglas who passed away this year. She was an integral part of this club for many years.

Terry made a couple of announcements: He will be building a barn hunt arena for workshops and trials in the future. He will be hosting AKC Farm Dog Certification Tests in the future. He announced there will a Judges Seminar Jan 6, 2018 in the Lancaster area. It is open to judges and those who are interested in the nuances in judging herding trials and any new changes. The fee will be $45.

Communication continues to be an item of concern to members. Members want more say in the trials and other club activities. I agree and will try to keep you apprised. Please email jrowles@bak.rr.com with your comments and suggestions and I will present them to the board.

JoAnne Rowles, AVSC Secretary